Video engages people in a way that static text and images cannot. There are dozens of studies that show the power of video to boost customer interaction, drive sales, encourage viral sharing, and build brand awareness.  Online video ads are growing in popularity because they are effective in driving sales.  Video is a powerful sales exposure tool for your business.

The easiest way get started is simply to embed your sales videos on your Web site. You can use YouTube or alternatives like Vimeo or Sorenson Media to host the video.  Use the embedding tool to place the video on your site.  Embedding a video allows the whole video frame to be displayed on your page rather than just a hyperlink.

Video is also a powerful tool for showing prospective and/or existing customers your product instead of just telling them about it.  Remember, sales develop when your message becomes credible and your product becomes a need.  Develop a short video that explains how to use the product. This will dramatically increase product usage for both online and mobile customers.  Add a sign up form to the page with the video and you’ve created a terrific lead generation tool called a landing page.  Use a QR code or a Tiny URL to promote your landing page on brochures, emails, or social media.

Make sure your videos can be viewed on many different devices. You can’t make a sale if someone cannot see your message.  A good rule of thumb for whether you should modify your videos to work on mobile devices is: “If a video is worth sharing on Twitter or Facebook, make it mobile-phone-friendly,” since 40 percent of Twitter users access the service via mobile devices, according to an October 2009 study by Crowd Science. Already, there are more than 4.1 billion mobile phone users worldwide – at least 10 percent of which are video-enabled smartphones. Make sure these mobile warriors can view your videos.

Your customers want video, so give it to them!

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