Most good bloggers will tell you that blogging has to be a habit to be effective. You must create time in your schedule in order to regularly create the content your readers expect. And while it takes time to develop, research, and write a good blog, the lessons to success are the same for video.

Video content needs to be created and distributed regularly to maintain its impact.  Think of video messaging – like blogging – as participating in the community you are growing.  If you are silent, you loose your impact.

So how do you develop a healthy video habit?  That is a good question.  It starts with content creation.  I recommend keeping a journal of ideas that you can review regularly.  You’ll find great nuggets of information that can be the basis for your message.  When you can frame your message in the form of a story it is even more powerful.

Next, find a time to shoot on a regular basis.  We shoot in our green screen studio twice a week and encourage our clients to come in on those days to shoot their segments.  If you can set up a similar schedule – maybe just once a month – you’ll find it easier to prepare and be ready for your shoot.  Shooting effective content takes focus and passion.  Make sure you prepare yourself for your shoot by reducing distractions on the day you’ll be taping.

Once you’ve shot your content, figure out an effective way to get your video segments edited.  Editing is an artful skill that requires patience and practice.  For some, it is fun, others very frustrating.  If you find it frustrating, don’t let the process dampen your spirit for making video.  Find someone to help get your segments edited and enjoy the final product.  In most cases you’ll find basic video editing is affordable and effective.

As you establish yourself as a regular video messenger, you’ll start to notice the power of the medium.  You’ll become an expert and can leverage that reputation to grow your business.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started!

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